How often have you heard from website users they forgot their username and password or requests to reset passwords only to forget which email account they signed up with? It is likely a common issue that can go unresolved when trying to persuade users by selling a product, blogging or communicating through social media.
With the vast number of different websites requiring a username and password, it is nearly impossible to remember all of them. 90% of users who forget their username and password combination end up leaving the website instead of retrieving or resetting it.
A 2012 study published by Blue Inc., shows that 4 out of 5 consumers avoid creating or registering a new account. The study indicates that only 14% will create a new account, 32% will leave or go to a competing site, while the remaining 54% may never return.
A website registration process can be cumbersome and often ask for information the user does not want or need to share. When unnecessary information is required to create a new account, users often provide incorrect or incomplete data. Because of this, many users receive marketing promotions or information that is irrelevant to them. When trying to engage users this can be disastrous causing users to lose trust or ignore future communications.
According to the 2012 study mentioned above, given a choice, 41% of website visitors prefer to use their social login identity to create a new account over a guest account (24%) or new account (35%). That means that 2 out of 5 visitors would rather use their existing social media account. Adding a social login option to your website could translate into retaining over one-third of the 86% that would have ended up leaving and probably not returning. Combined with the 14% that said they'd create a new account, you would potentially retain over half of your website visitors!
social iconsAs social media use grows so does the number of people using it. In January of 2014, Facebook announced that at the end of 2013 they had over 1.23 billion monthly users and over 757 million daily users; that's a lot of social media users.
With social login you get social profile information which can be used to customize a website visitor's experience. Associating your website with a trusted brand such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., you establish a trust with your users that lead to a higher visitor return rate, higher likelihood of purchasing products, and an increase of site referrals and recommendations.
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