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Engage your users with confidence every time they log in by automatically capturing user data from the social graph. Choose your favorite social network login provider from our 20+ providers, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and more!
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How Does It Work?

Simple single sign-on. Stitchz Login acts as your gateway to social login identity providers (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc). Your users can log in to your site safely and securely with their existing social identity provider. All your login provider settings are securely stored in one simple to use place.

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Social Login Providers

Find out what metadata is available from our 20+ supported social login Identity Providers. With social data you can personalize your user's experience, leverage it to build your online marketing strategy, and target users for sales promotions or other events. All of this is sent to you in a consistent simple to use format, Portable Contacts 1.0 Draft C spec.
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Learn more about how to get started using Stitchz Login, the metadata available, and how simple it is for users to login to your website.
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Private and sensitive provider information (i.e. app key, app secret, etc.) is encrypted while at rest and while in transite, so you know your data is safe.
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