How to Setup a LinkedIn API and Identity for Stitchz

Stitchz allows a LinkedIn Page Manager to share and manage posts on their Page. This means that in order to share on LinkedIn via Stitchz you must request a developer API key/secret and the appropriate permissions (scope). Follow the steps below to request an API key/secret and submit for review.

  1. Login LinkedIn with the account you plan to share posts.
  2. Go to the developers portal and create a new App.Click the Create App button to begin
    Figure 1

  3. Complete the app form (Figure 2).
    Complete the new app details form
    Figure 2

  4. After completing the new app form, you'll be redirected to the new app's Settings page (Figure 3).
    Newly created app settings page
    Figure 3

  5. Click the "Auth" tab to find the Authentication keys and enter the Stitchz authorized redirect URL (Figure 4). Add the Stitchz redirect URL ( Copy the LinkedIn Client ID and Client Secret to use at a later step.
    Click Auth to view the apps application credentials and add the Stitchz redirect URL
    Figure 4

  6. Next, click the "Products" tab. The Products page lists available featues an app can request and use (Figure 5).
    Select the Share and Sign In products from the LinkedIn Products list
    Figure 5

  7. Select "Sign In with LinkedIn" (Figure 6). Review and agree to the terms then click "Add product" (Figure 6).
    Review and agree to LinkedIns terms of service for their Sign In product
    Figure 6

  8. Select "Share on LinkedIn" (Figure 7). Review and agree to the terms then click "Add product" (Figure 7).
    Review and agree to LinkedIns terms of service for their Share product
    Figure 7

  9. Adding a product will initiate an app review from LinkedIn. Make sure to check your email as they will contact the primary email address with their decision. The review process can take 1 - 10 days.
  10. After your app has been approved, copy the new LinkedIn Client ID and Client Secret from your LinkedIn App Dashboard Auth page into your Stitchz application. Go to Apps > Settings, then click the shield in the Identity Providers section to add a new provider (Figure 8). In the form that appears, select LinkedIn and paste your Client Id and Client Secret, followed by ticking all the scopes/permissions in the Provider Scope section, then click Save.
    Complete the Stitchz provider form with the app key and secret and select all scope choices
    Figure 8

  11. From the application Settings page, click the social group name. Next, click the green Add Identity button to add your LinkedIn Identity (the account responsible for managing the Page). On the modal window click LinkedIn to begin the process to add your LinkedIn Identity to Stitchz (Figure 9).
    add LinkedIn account as an Identity to share posts with
    Figure 9

  12. If prompted, login into LinkedIn with the account you are connecting with (Figure 10).Login to LinkedIn with the proper account
    Figure 10

  13. For full sharing features in Stitchz, accept the permissions request by clicking "Allow" (Figure 11).Click Allow to grant Stitchz the necessary permissions to share posts on the LinkedIn platform
    Figure 11

  14. After the Identity has been added click the Identity's Pages button to load the list of available pages the Identity has management access to (Figure 12). Click Add Identity to add the Page.
    Click the Pages button to list the LinkedIn Pages associated with the connected account
    Figure 12

  15. Setup is complete, you can begin sharing posts on the LinkedIn Page from Stitchz.