How to Setup a Tumblr API and Identity for Stitchz

With Stitchz, sharing posts on Tumblr is easy. However, in order to share on Tumblr you must request a developer API key/secret. Follow the steps below to request an API key/secret and submit for review.

  1. Login to Tumblr's developer portal with the account you plan to share posts with.
  2. Click the "Register application" button to begin the request process (Figure 1).
    click the register application button to begin
    Figure 1

  3. Fill out the registration form with your information (Figure 2). Enter the Stitchz OAuth1a URL in the "Default callback URL" field,
    complete the application registration form with your information
    Figure 2

  4. Copy the new Tumblr App's Consumer key and Consumer secret from the Dashboard into your Stitchz application. In Stitchz, go to Apps > Settings, then click the shield in the Identity Providers section to add a new provider. In the form that appears, select Tumblr and paste in your Consumer key and Consumer secret, then click Save (Figure 4).
    complete the provider form with the app key and secret
    Figure 3

  5. From the application Settings page, click the social group name. Next, click the green Add Identity button to add your Tumblr Identity. On the modal window click Tumblr to begin the process to add your Tumblr Identity to Stitchz (Figure 5).
    add Tumblr account as an Identity to share posts with
    Figure 4

  6. Follow the prompts on Tumblr's site to complete the request (Figure 5).
    follow the Tumblr prompts to add your identity
    Figure 5

  7. Setup is complete, you can begin sharing posts on the Tumblr from Stitchz.